About Dr. Ranjit Kumar

Head & Neck Cancer Specialist

Dr. Ranjit Kumar Padhiari is a consultant at the Department Hospital of Surgical Oncology at Max Cancer Care, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi, after under going his residency in MS General Surgery from premier Bangalore Medical College & Research Centre. He did his fellowship in surgical oncology from Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre, New Delhi. Further adding to his organ-specific skills, he did a two-year structured fellowship in Head & Neck oncology under FHNO ( Foundation of Head & Neck oncology ) and won various National & International Publications in reputed journals, He believes in practising evidence-based medicine. 

20+ Years Experience Surgical Oncology


Dr. Ranjit Kumar Padhiari’s expertise in head and neck, oral, thyroid, and salivary conditions shines through in every aspect of the gallery, showcasing his unwavering commitment to excellence in healthcare

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